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Ramm'band is waiting for everyone for a fiery 2-hour program at Open Air at the Sexton Bike Center on July 29th! Rammstein are playing shows in Europe right now, so we will make a lot of references to the current tour!

It will be a set of selected tracks from all albums! We are presenting several premieres of previously unperformed Rammstein songs, some of which were not played at concerts even by the fathers of the German sextet themselves. [Lindemann] - will be! We are also preparing a very unusual surprise that has been waiting for its moment for several years!

At the entrance face control [FC / DC] dress code.

Launch at 19.00


Address: Moscow, Nizhniye Mnevniki, 110.

Metro station: Mnevniki

Rammstein - hits performed by the piano quintet "Klavier" in the State Kremlin Palace!

Already on April 28, the piano quintet "Klavier" will please the fans of the metal band "Rammstein" with a concert program, which will include the main hits of perhaps the most outrageous musicians of the 20th century 🔥

The vocalist of the tribute project Ramm'band will perform as a special guest at the concert!

Roman will perform several compositions by Rammstein (and not only) accompanied by the piano quintet Klavier.


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