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04/28/2023 Moscow, State Kremlin Palace (collaboration with the Klavier quintet)

04/22/2023 Moscow, Sexton "Rammstein Frühling"

03/18/2023 Serpukhov, Asgard

12/10/2022 Moscow, Sexton Bike-center

09/04/2022 Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug (closed concert)

08/20/2022 Moscow region, OK BOR "Bikers Brothers Festival"

07/16/2022 Moscow, Sexton "Big Open Air" 20.00

05/18/2022 Moscow, Sexton (closed show)

01/04/2022 Moscow, DK Krystall "Lindemann Birthday 2022"

10/30/2021 Chita, Harat’s Republic Canceled

10/22/2021 Moscow, Club "Moscow"

08/20/2021 Moscow region, OK BOR "Bikers Brothers Festival X"

04/24/2021 Moscow, Sexton "Frühling in Sexton"

04/14/2021 Moscow, Sexton "Wine Studio & Tiefgang Party" (closed show)

01/05/2021 Moscow, Pravda "Lindemann Birthday"

09/19/2020 Moscow, Sexton

09/19/2020 Germany, Muhlhausen Canceled

09/18/2020 Germany, Wetzlar Canceled

08/22/2020 Moscow region, OK BOR "Bikers Brothers Festival"

07/18/2020 Germany, Bad Berka "BIG TRIBUTERammstein show   Canceled

07/17/2020 Germany, Bad Berka "BIG TRIBUTE" Lindemann show   Canceled

06/27/2020 Moscow, Sexton "Open Air" Changing!

05/08/2020 Vologda "Bike season opening" Canceled

03/14/2020 Moscow, RockHouse "Lindemann concert PreParty"

01/04/2020 Moscow, RockHouse "Lindemann Birthday"

11/23/2019 Moscow, Sexton, "Lindemann Party album F&M"
11/05/2019 Saint Petersburg, Gazprom arena "UEFA Champions League"

07/27/2019 Moscow, bike center Sexton "Rammstein PreParty"

06/29/2019 Tula, Harats pub

06/09/2019 Germany, Bad Berka "BIG TRIBUTE"

04/26/2019 Moscow, Rock House "Open rehearsal"

12/22/2018 Tula, Harats pub

12/06/2018 Moscow, Rock House "Lindemann Afterparty"

10/06/2018 Belgorod, Icebeerg (incident)

09/08/2018 Moscow, Sexton [MMA] "Wolf Fights"

07/07/2018 Moscow, "Sexton" Bike Center

06/30/2018 Tula, Harats pub

06/16/2018 Staraya Kupavna "Raven Festival"

04/29/2018 Moscow, Sokolniki "Sarychev Power Expo"

03/17/2018 Moscow, Rock House "R + Tribute"

11/25/2017 Moscow, Sexton bike center "Return"
06/27/2017 Moscow, Golden Palace (closed show) 

10/29/2016 Tver, Underground Club BIGBEN
10/13/2016 Moscow, Rock House "Seeing off ..."
09/10/2016 Moscow, Night Train
08/07/2016 Nizhny Novgorod, Jam Prestige club
07/15/2016 Moscow, Bike Center "Sexton"
04/29/2016 Moscow, Sexton
04/23/2016 Saint Petersburg, Horror Bar
04/21/2016 Moscow, LES "Live sound of Moscow State University"
03/24/2016 Moscow, Rock House
05/032016 Moscow, Little Rock "Emergenza Festival"
02/13/2016 Moscow, Little Rock "Valentine's Bloody Night"
01/17/2016 Barnaul, Music Djem "Ramm'band"

12/18/2015 Moscow, Rock House "STRIKEBALL Military Party"
12/04/2015 Moscow, Rock House "R + Party"
11/28/2015 Sergiev Posad, Motocentre M8
11/07/2015 Noginsk, Rock Сlub "BIKER ZONE"
10/31/2015 Moscow, Little Rock "Halloween Metal Festival"
10/24/2015 Moscow, Rock House "R + Tribute"

11/29/2014 Moscow, Little Rock "Rammfan Day"
11/01/2014 Moscow, Little Rock "R + HALLOWEEN NIGHT"
05/08/2014 Moscow, Rock House "RammFan Night Party"
01/14/2014 Barnaul, TASS "Ramm'band with Special Guest: Metal Militia"

06/29/2013 Barnaul, Bike bar "Abend mit Ramm'band 2"
05/31/2013 Barnaul, Bike bar "Abend mit Ramm'band"
05/14/2013 Barnaul, AltSU "Rock-fest '13"
05/05/2013 Barnaul, Pistols "Spring Show"
02/17/2013 Barnaul, Pistols "Brothers of Metal"
02/01/2013 Novosibirsk, Undeground "Closing Rock Bar - Underground"

12/09/2012 Barnaul, Pistols "Santa's Birthday"
10/31/2012 Barnaul, AltSU "Creative Festival"
09/30/2012 Barnaul, Pistols "Internet Day"
05/17/2012 Barnaul, AltSU "Rock-fest 2012"

12/06/2011 Barnaul, AltSU "Creative Festival"

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