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The band's lineup

Roman Kobyalko [Vocal, guitar]

Sergey Ageenkov [Back vocal, guitar]

Alexey Verchenov [Back vocal, bass]

Maxim Kalmykov [Drums]

Tom Smit, PryaNeGG & Phaeton [Samplers]

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"There is no need to try to create a similar, most high-tech and expensive show in the world like Rammstein. The energy of heavy riffs and hard German language is enough to make a show! We focus on the high-quality performance of iconic tracks and the visual component of the performance ..."

- Ramm'band -


Moscow cover project of international level, performing tracks of cult Germans Rammstein, as well as the sensational project Lindemann!

The group was created in Siberia - in the capital of Altai, Barnaul, in August 2011. Initially, there were no plans to go on stage at all.
Once there was a spontaneous offer to perform at an autumn rock festival at the university, and then, according to the audience's reaction to the performance of Rammstein, it became clear that this was worth doing further ... So the group existed for more than two years, having played over a dozen concerts in Barnaul and Novosibirsk.
Due to the move of the band's frontman to Moscow, in March 2014 it was decided to assemble a new line-up. Now, after a lot of work with the sampler to improve the sound, the band is ready to fight on the stages of the country!

For 10 years of existence, the group has performed more than 90 different Rammstein tracks (84% of all songs) and gave more than four dozen concerts from the northern capital of St. Petersburg to the harsh Siberian cities of Novosibirsk and Barnaul.

Since 2016, the tracks of the Lindemann project have also been adopted! (Till Lindemann, Peter Tägtgren)

The group became a participant in more and more mass events in Moscow, and in 2019 for the first time performed in Germany, immediately honoring to be the headliner of the festival!

Today the group has a repertoire of more than 100 tracks (> 7 hours of sounding in total). You can see the list of songs that can be included in the setlist of the concert (The list is being updated! Last update: 11/02/2023)

Technical rider for organizers of concerts and corporate events:

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