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Attention, Moscow! Achtung! Change of location!

The concert on October 22 from the Auto Museum is transferred to the "Moscow" club (metro Kurskaya, Nizhny Susalny per., 5, bldg. 25)

The car museum was sent for repairs ... For us, the postponement of the concert made it possible to put on more effects, since cars are explosive!

The set-list will be compiled based on the results of online voting!

Small surprise, just don't tell anyone!

Discount promo code for mobile tickets: RAMM’BAND2021

TICKETS at the link!

Enter without QR-codes, certificates and tests!

Waiting for you! It will be hot!

More Tickets agents:

Kassir ru

Яндекс афиша

Parter ru


Concert ru

Please welcome! First Ramm'band ProShot recording with cool SlowMo shots and explosive sound!

01. Feuer Frei (cut)

02. Sehnsucht

03. Mein Herz Brennt

04. Moskau

05. Engel

06. Du Hast

07. Waidmanns Heil

08. Ich Will

09. Links 234

10. Sonne


Friends, welcome! Premiere of the first music video Ramm'band - Auslander in Deutschland!

Video by Leomanka


#rammstein #rammband #lindemann #deutschland #tilllindemann #auslander #alletageistkeinsonntag

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