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T.Lindemann Birthday 2022 with Ramm'band!

On January 4 in Moscow, on a cold winter evening, Ramm'band invites you to a traditional scorching concert in honor of the birthday of the permanent Rammstein frontman Till Lindemann. The long-awaited premiere of the song of the updated project T. Lindemann, whose concert will take place in Moscow on January 28, awaits you! Also get ready for a flurry of Rammstein & Lindemann hits mixed with rare songs. And of course, on such a day, we will all write video congratulations to Till and send them to the birthday boy! The concert will take place at DK Kristall, a concert space in Soviet aesthetics in a new, modern shell.

TICKETS on the link!

Enter without QR codes, certificates and tests! Waiting for you! It will be powerful! Address: Moscow, st. Samokatnaya, 4, 11 When: January 4, 2022, Tuesday, 19:00



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